American Idol Season 16 Release Date Canada

Find out the release date of American Idol Season 16 in Canada – A 2017 singing reality television series to be premiered in 2018 on Canadian TV channel.  The auditions for American Idol Season 16 have been completed and the registration has been closed now. They are shooting the episodes now for this reality show. The auditions were started on August 17, 2017, in Orlando, FL and ended on September 14 in New Orleans, LA. The auditions were held in many cities of the United States and many people who got talent participated in this audition. The judges of American Idol season 15 were Harry Connick Jr, Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban. They might return as judges for the season 16 also, but there is no official confirmation.

American Idol Season 16 Release Date Canada

Earlier Season 15 was said to be the last season of the American Idol television series which was aired on Fox television channel, but now ABC TV channel has the rights and they announced that there will be American Idol Season 16 and will be aired on ABC. American Idol Season 16 was supposed to be premiered in the year 2017, but the episodes were not shot as Fox broadcasting company announced that season 15 will be the last season. But, now ABC broadcasting company have come forward to start the American Idol again, so the Season 16 will be now aired in the year 2018.

American Idol Season 16 Release Date Canada


Last updated: Sep 15, 2017

Most of the American Idol Seasons have premiered in the month of January, so we are hoping that American Idol Season 16 will also have a premiere date in the month of January 2018. As the TV series, American Idol has been restored, the people of Canada are hoping that the Canadian Idol television series should also be brought back in 2018, but still, no TV channels are ready to take the rights and re-start the reality show in Canada. Let’s hope for the good in coming days. If American Idol Season 16 release date in Canada is not correct, please inform us via comments.


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